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Funds that Help Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering relies heavily on your generosity to help support its students, research, and operations. Below are a list of current funds that have been set up to provide scholarships, fellowships and departmental support. Click on any of the funds to learn how these funds have been used. Annual gifts of $1,000 or more qualify benefactors for the Dean's Club circle of giving.

Department Support

Mechanical Engineering Strategic Initiatives Fund #2127

Mechanical Engineering Co-op Fund #8173

Mechanical Engineering Faculty Start-Up Fund #8983

Mechanical Engineering New Building Fund #3836

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Equipment Fund #2837

Formula SAE Fund #5521

Clean Snowmobile Team #20622

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) #8753


Scholarship Funds Supporting Undergraduates

Axness - Jay T. Axness Scholarship Fund #21687

Bates - Albert H. Bates Endowment #6398

Christenson - Ronald L. and Janet A. Christenson Scholarship in the College of Science and Engineering #6466

Erickson - Russell F. Erickson Scholarship Fund #2765

Freund - Peter Freund Scholarship Fund #20050

Flynn - Alvin R. Flynn Scholarship Fund #2799

Graco - Graco Scholarship Fund #7768

Heberlein - Joachim and Yuko Heberlein Fellowship and Scholarship Fund #20216

Nelson - Harry Morgan Nelson and Elveda Jackson Nelson Scholarship Fund #4869

Horton - Horton, Inc. Scholarship Fund #7206

Ibele - Warren Ibele Scholarship Fund #7373

Jarvis - George and Margaret Jarvis Undergrad Scholarship Fund #3055

Johnson - Alfred F. Johnson Scholarship Fund #7164

Johnson - Orville and Verna Johnson Scholarship Fund #5630

Mayhugh - Benjamin Mayhugh Fellowship and Scholarship Fund #4156

Mechanical Engineering - ME Scholarship Fund #7991

Murphy / Robertson - Tom Murphy and B. J. Robertson Scholarship Fund #1930

Ogata - Katsuhiko Ogata Scholarship Fund #6060

Pierce - Walter and Margaret Pierce Endowment Fund #3752

Swanson - Albert Swanson Memorial Fund #21680

Wicklund - Gerald Wicklund Scholarship Fund #4919

Wilson - John G. and Joyce M. Wilson Scholarship Fund #7081


Fellowship Funds Supporting Graduate Students

American Filtration & Separations Society Fellowship Fund #3948

Conrad - Harold and Phyllis Conrad Fellowship Fund #1344

Corporate and Alumni Fellowship Fund #3569

Curry - Ezra B. and Eleanor N. Curry Endowment #1853

Dekko - Chester E. Dekko Foundation Graduate Fellow Fund #3525

Forstrom - Richard J. Forstrom Memorial Fund #1115

Fruin - Scott Fruin Fellowship Fund #2449

Heberlein - Joachim and Yuko Heberlein Fellowship and Scholarship Fund #20216

Jordan - Richard C. and Freda M. Jordan Endowment for Graduate Fellowships Fund #5454

Hung - Dr. Wendell Hung Fellowship Fund #20227

Lonn - Dana Lonn Fellowship Fund #7819

Mayhugh - Benjamin Mayhugh Fellowship and Scholarship Fund #4156

McFarland - Andrew and Nancy McFarland Endowed Fellowship Fund #6787

Mechanical Engineering - ME Fellowship Fund #5791

Medical Device Design Fellowship Fund #5825

Severson - Asbjorn M. Severson Fellowship Fund #7578

Whitson - Lee S.Whitson Fellowship Fund #5776




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