University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Research Laboratories and Centers

Room Laboratories/Centers Professor/Lead
ME 355 Design of Active Materials and Structures Laboratory Abel
ME 3124 Bioencapsulation and Biostabilization Laboratory Aksan
ME 3120 Bioheat and Mass Transfer Laboratory Bischof
  Cell Injury Laboratory Bischof
  IEM Cancer Animal Core Laboratory Bischof
  High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory Bruggeman/Girshick/Kortshagen
  Engineering Visualization Laboratory Chase
ME 4128 Technology Integration and Advanced Nano/Microsystems Laboratory Cui
ME 225A Cool MEMS Group Cui/Simon
  Environmental Research Laboratory Davidson
ME 1134/4120/4122 Solar Energy Laboratory Davidson
ME 4125 HumanFIRST Laboratory - Driving Simulator Donath/Morris
ME 105 HumanFIRST Laboratory - Portable Driving Simulator Donath/Morris
ME 3126 Human/Machine Design Laboratory Durfee
ME 265 Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows Laboratory Dutcher
  Linkage Interactive Computer Analysis and Graphically Enhanced Synthesis (LINCAGES) Erdman
  Medical Devices Center Erdman
ME 101 Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory Garrick
  Heat Transfer Cascade Tunnel Laboratory Goldstein
ME 4136 Aerosol Physics Laboratory Hogan
ME 76 Flow Field Imaging Lab Hong
ME 3134 BioCoR - Biopreservation Core Research Hubel
  Center for Diesel Research Kittelson/Northrop
  Thomas E Murphy Engine Research Laboratory Kittelson/Northrop
  Materials Processing Laboratory Klamecki
ME 373 Biosensing and Biorobotics Laboratory Kodandaramaiah
  Kortshagen Group Kortshagen
ME 261 Medical Robotics and Devices Lab Kowalewski
ME 351 Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory Kulacki
  Mechatronics & Intelligent Machines Laboratory Li
  Polymer Materials and Mechanics Laboratory Mantell
ME 361/363 3D Printed Bionic Nanomaterials Lab (McAlpine Research Group) McAlpine
ME 251-1 Atmospheric Aerosol Research Laboratory McMurry/Stolzenburg
ME 251-2 Particle Calibration Laboratory Olson
  Thermal Environmental Engineering Teaching Laboratory Olson
ME 4130/4132/
Center for Filtration Research Pui
ME 4130/4132/
Particle Technology Laboratory Pui
ME 369/3132 Laboratory for Innovations in Sensing, Estimation, and Control (LISEC) Rajamani
ME 455 Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Shen
Shepherd 452/493 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Shen
ME 273/275 Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer Simon
ME 255 Laboratory for Engineering Practice Sparrow
ME 473 Multiphase Transport Phenomena Laboratory Srinivasan
  Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power Stelson
ME 471 Shear Flow Control Laboratory Strykowski
  Automotive Propulsion Control Laboratory Sun
ME 271 Mechanical Energy & Power Systems Laboratory Van de Ven
  Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Transport Laboratory Wang
ME 331 Computational Reactive Flow & Energy Laboratory (CRFEL) Yang