University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME Connect Seminar Series

Fall 2018
Fridays, 11:00am




October 5

1. Kevin Mallery (PhD Student, Advisor: Jiarong Hong, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Robot-Driven Underwater Holographic Microscope for Low-Cost In Situ Particle Measurements

2. Chenxi Li (PhD Student, Advisor: Chris Hogan, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Ion Mobility Spectrometry-Mass Spectrometry (IMS-MS) as a Method for Particle Characterization

October 12

1. Jesse R. Fosheim (PhD Student, Advisor: Jane Davidson, Length: 30 minutes)
Title: Production of Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum-Derived Fuels, Commodities, and Electricity using Concentrated Solar Energy

2. Rui Luo (PhD Student, Advisor: Sungyon Lee, Length: 10 minutes)
Title: Particle-Induced Viscous Fingering

October 19

1. Kaiyan Qiu (Post Doc, Advisor: Michael McAlpine, Length: 30 minutes)
Title: 3D Printed Organ Models with Physical Properties of Tissue and Integrated Sensors

2. Bryan Jones (Post Doc, Advisor: Alptekin Aksan, Length: 10 minutes)
Title: Protecting Protein Samples Using a Modified Sugar Polymer

October 26

1. Sankar Muthukrishnan (PhD Student, Advisor: Vinod Srinivasan, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Effects of Surface Texturing on the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Spray Cooling

2. Biswaranjan Mohanty (PhD Student, Advisor: Kim Stelson, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Design and Control of a Power Regenerative Hydrostatic Wind Turbine Research Platform

3. Kevin Eschen (PhD Student, Advisor: Julianna Abel, Length: 3 minutes)
Title: Multiscale Mechanics of Shape Memory Alloy Knitted Actuators

November 2

1. Guru Venkatesan (Post Doc, Advisor: Michael C. McAlpine, Length: 3 minutes)
Title: At the Intersection of Drug Delivery, 3D printing and Tissue Engineering

2. Ian Wright (Master's student, Advisor: Vinod Srinivasan, Length: 3 minutes)
Title: Instability and Breakdown of a Low Viscosity Jet

3. Ben Druecke (Post Doc, Advisor: Sungyon Lee, Length: 30 minutes)
Title: Engulfment of Small Particles during Solidification

November 9

1. Zhijie Zhu (PhD Student, Advisor: Michael McAlpine, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: 3D Printed Functional and Biological Materials on Moving Freeform Surfaces

2. Santosh Kumar Sankar (PhD Student, Advisor: Jiarong Hong, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: Digital Frensel Reflection Holography for 3D High Resolution Near-Wall Flow Measurement

3. Shweta Narayan (PhD Student, Advisor: Cari Dutcher, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: Understanding the Behavior of Surfactant-Stabilized Emulsions using Microfluidics

November 16

1. Ruitao Su (PhD Student, Advisor: Michael McAlpine, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: 3D Printed Polymer Photodetectors

2. Alireza Hooshanginejad (PhD Student, Advisor: Sungyon Lee, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Droplet stability in High-Reynolds Flow Regime

November 23


November 30

1. Yun Chen (Post Doc, Advisor: Cari Dutcher, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Viscous Fingering of a Draining Suspension

2. Trevor Stephens (PhD Student, Advisor: Tim Kowalewski, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: Adaptive Impedance Control with Force Tracking for Unknown Soft Environment Interactions

December 7

1. Joey Benson (PhD Student, Advisor: Alptekin Aksan, Length: 20 minutes)
Title: Germination and Outgrowth of Encapsulated Bacterial Spores

2. Henry Koon (PhD Student, Advisor: Julianna Abel, Length: 15 minutes)
Title: Manufacture and Mechanical Testing of Ultra-Dense Knitted Superelastic Structures