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University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering


Participating Faculty:

Alptekin Aksan
Peter Bruggeman
Cari Dutcher
Chris Hogan
Jiarong Hong
David Kittelson

Tom Kuehn
Mike McAlpine
Will Northrop
David Pui
Lian Shen
Suo Yang


Environmental research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the formation of particulates in industrial and natural processes. The Particle Technology Lab in the Department has an almost 50-year history of developing instrumentation for the study of particulate generation in the gas phase. Developments in this area have spawned several companies that successfully develop and market instrumentation to study particulate formation in the gas phase. Current research in the environmental area focuses on particulate formation in the atmosphere leading to smog, particulate emissions from combustion engines, particle emissions from commercial kitchens, and the health impact of air-borne nanoparticulates in work environments. Additonal efforts are focused on developing new filtration tools to remedy particulate emissions in a wide range of environments.


Hogan Lab

Bioencapsulation and Biostabilization Laboratories

Particle Technology Laboratory

Center for Filtration Research

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows Laboratory

Thermal Environmental Research Laboratory

Computational Reactive Flow & Energy Lab (CRFEL)

Thomas E Murphy Engine Research Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics Lab