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Participating Faculty:

Julianna Abel
Alptekin Aksan

John Bischof
Peter Bruggeman
Will Durfee

Art Erdman
Steven Girshick
Allison Hubel
Suhasa Kodandaramaiah
Tim Kowalewski
Perry Li
Mike McAlpine
Rajesh Rajamani

Ephraim Sparrow

Affiliated Graduate Faculty:
Victor Barocas
Joan Bechtold
Paul Iaizzo
Robert Tranquillo










Biomedical Devices and Bioheat Transfer are major areas of research for our Department. The University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center (MDC), which is headquarted in Mechanical Engineering, is a broad initiative that focuses on the design of medical devices through interdisciplinary interactions of engineers and medical professionals. Our faculty are using their expertise in bio heat and mass transfer, biomechanics, design, and tissue engineering to solve problems that are important to medicine. We are working on the surgical reconstruction of ligaments; the kinematics and dynamics of joints; control systems for orthoses and protheses; computer-aided diagnostics; biotransport techniques to preserve tissues and cells and to treat diseased tissue; new medical devices for diagnosing and treating cancer and cardiovascular, ocular, urologic diseases; and artificial arteries, coronea and other tissues for eventual transplantation and use in the body. The proximity of the University’s medical school and the presence of more than 500 medical device companies in the Twin Cities area makes this an especially vibrant home for this research.


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