University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Theory and Simulation Energy

Participating Faculty:

Peter Bruggeman
Traian Dumitrica
Cari Dutcher
Steven Girshick
Uwe Kortshagen
Lian Shen
Kumar Tamma
Suo Yang


Theory and simulation have become increasingly important tools to understand physical phenomena in regimes that are inaccessible to experimental studies. This includes such diverse areas as molecular properties of materials, fluid flow and turbulence, particulate generation in chemically reactive flows, and nanoscale heat transfer. Faculty in the department are actively engaged developing new theoretical and numerical tools to expand the range of current theories and simulation approaches.



Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows Laboratory

Computational Reactive Flow & Energy Lab (CRFEL)

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory

High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory

Tamma's Laboratory