University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Seminar - ME 8773/8774

Spring 2017
Wednesdays, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
Room 1130 ME

Seminar Coordinator: Professor Alptekin Aksan
Seminar Support: Tori Piorek


January 18

Host: Alptekin Aksan

Alptekin Aksan
University of Minnesota

Course Orientation

January 25

Host: Alptekin Aksan

Umut Gurkan
Case Western Reserve University

Title: "Red Blood Cell Adhesion and Deformability as a Marker of Disease Severity and Treatment Response in Sickle Cell Disease" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

February 1

Host: Cari Dutcher

Vivek Sharma
University of Illinois at Chicago

Title: "Dynamics of Stratification in Micellar Freestanding Films" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

February 8

Host: Jane Davidson

Christos Maravelias
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Title: "Process Systems Engineering for Solar Fuels" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

February 15

Host: Local Grad Faculty Candidate

Patrick Alford
University of Minnesota

Title: "Mechano-Adaptation in Vascular Cells" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

February 22

Host: Xiaojia Wang

Zhoumin Zhang
Georgia Tech

Title: "Applications of Nanoscale Thermal Radiation to Energy Harvesting and Refrigeration" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

March 1

Host: Northrop

Hope Michelson
Sandia National Lab

Title: "The Intriguing Mystery of Soot Formation: Developing the Tools to Solve it" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

March 8

Host: Sirinavasan

Clifford Ho
Sandia National Lab

Title: "Overview of Concentrating Solar Power and Research Needs" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

March 15


No Seminar


March 22

Host: Kowalewski

Pierre Dupont
Boston Children's Hospital,
Harvard Medical School

Title: "New Frontiers in Medical Robotics" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

March 29

Host: McAlpine

Christopher Bettinger
Carnegie Mellon University

Title: "Edible Electronics: Bioinspired Materials and Structures for Ingestible Batteries" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

April 5

Host: Hogan

Eric Toberer
Colorado School of Mines

Title: "Material Perspectives on Direct Heat to Electricity Conversion" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

April 12

Host: Abel

Norman Wereley
University of Maryland

Title: "Oh, My Aching Back! - Protective Aircraft Seat Design Using Magnetorheological Systems" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

April 19

Host: Shen

David Richter
University of Notre Dame

Title: "A Small-Scale Perspective on Multiphase Geophysical Flows" (pdf)

Recording: View Here

April 26

Host: Simon

Evelyn Wang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Title: "From Nanoscale Surface Engineering to Macroscale Thermal Energy Systems" (pdf)


May 3

Fingerson Lecture

Title: "Regional Haze Pollution in China: Implication from Emission and Observation" (pdf)


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