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Participating Faculty:

John Bischof
Peter Bruggeman
Jane Davidson
Cari Dutcher
Sean Garrick
Steven Girshick
Richard Goldstein
Chris Hogan
Jiarong Hong

Uwe Kortshagen
Frank Kulacki
Will Northrop
Lian Shen
Terry Simon
Eph Sparrow
Paul Strykowski
Xiaojia Wang
Suo Yang



Heat transfer and thermal sciences have been a traditional strength of the Department of Mechanical Engineering dating back to the arrival of Professor Ernst G. Eckert in Minnesota in 1951. With 4 members of the National Academy of Engineering (Prof. Eckert, Goldstein, Pfender and Sparrow), this area continues to play a major role in the Department. While initially having being focused on heat transfer in thermal mechanical systems, the heat transfer efforts in the Department may now be among the broadest at any University in the US and possibly the world, ranging from heat transfer in mechanical and combustion systems, to heat transfer in biological systems, to heat transfer at ultra-high temperatures, when matter transitions into the plasma phase, sometimes called the 4th phase of matter. Studies in these nontraditional areas are conducted in major centers, including the Center for Biotransport, and the High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory.


Heat Transfer in Mechanical Systems Laboratories:

Laboratory for Engineering Practice
Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer

Combustion and Fluid Flow Laboratories:

Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows Laboratory
Computational Reactive Flow & Energy Lab (CRFEL)
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Laboratory for Engineering Practice
St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
Shear Flow Control
Thomas E Murphy Engine Research Laboratory

Biotransport Laboratories:

BioCoR - Biopreservation Core Resources
Bioheat and Mass Transfer Laboratory
Bioencapsulation and Biostabilization Laboratory

Plasma Laboratories:

High Temperature and Plasma Laboratory
Kortshagen Group

Solar Thermal Laboratories:

Solar Laboratory